City of Timpson Notice of Meeting of Governing Body, Aug 20th Agenda

August 15, 2019 - Notice is hereby given that a meeting of the governing body of the above named City will be held on the 20th day of August, 2019 at 5:30 pm at the City Hall, 456 Jacob Street, Timpson, Texas, at which time the following subjects will be considered, to-wit:  

1. Call to Order:

2. Invocation:

3. Pledge: United States Pledge, Texas Pledge

4. Chamber of Commerce:

5. Council Items: Reports by the members of the City Council on matters not on the agenda will be made at this time. A total, not to exceed 10 minutes will be devoted to these reports.

​Presentations & Recognition: Henry Marx will be celebrating his 6th year anniversary tomorrow, August 21st.

6. Citizens Input: This time is provided for members of the public to address the City Council on items that appear within the Consent and Action Items or a matter not listed on the agenda. Each speaker is limited to 3 minutes. A Citizens Input Form may be filled out and filed with the City Secretary prior to the meeting.  

7. Department Reports:

A. Public Works Report: Larry Burns
B. Police Department Report: Kent Graham
C. Municipal Court Report: For the month of July 2019, there was 1 citation issued, 3 violations, 0 to juveniles, and 0 to minors. Total amount reported is $1,531.20, the City’s portion is a 55% estimate of $842.16.
​D. City Secretary: Misty Burgess, Matthew Owens received his Class C operator license for Groundwater Treatment from TECQ which will result in a .50/hr raise per the Council’s prior approval. Also, Tommy Sparks has renewed his Class D water and wastewater license with TECQ.

8. Consent Agenda: Items included under the Consent Agenda require little or no Deliberation by the Council. Approval of the Consent Agenda authorizes the City Secretary to proceed with the conclusion of each item as reflected in the Minutes of this meeting. 
A. Consider approval of the Minutes from the regular meeting held on July 16, 2019 
B. Consider approval of Financial Statement for the month of July, 2019  
C. Consider approval of Accounts Payable – July, 2019  

9. Discuss and possibly consider: Consider approval for the estimate given by David’s Auto & Diesel Repair for the PD 2013 Tahoe to be repaired.

10. Discuss and possibly consider: Discuss and adopt the PROPOSED 2019-2020 Budget for Water/Sewer, Electric, and General Operating Fund including the Streets, Parks, Cemetery, Court Technology, EDC, TVFD, Basic Operations of the City office & Timpson City Police Department. Please include in the Motion the Gross Revenue/Gross Expenditures/Size of Police Force/Net Fund Increase or Decrease.

11. Discuss and possibly consider: Consider adopting the Proposed Tax Rate for 2019/2020. Read the proposed ordinance regarding the proposed tax rate and percentage of increase if any.

12. Discuss and possibly consider:  Consider a special called meeting, if needed, to work on the budget or tax rate.  Both MUST be adopted no later than Thursday, September 26, 2019.  If no special meetings are called, the FINAL BUDGET & TAX RATE will be adopted at the September 17th Council Meeting.

13. Discuss and possibly consider: Discuss the received Linebarger’s bids for struck-off City property.

14. Discuss and possibly consider: Discuss and consider approval for the City Secretary to draft resolutions to remove Charlotte Broadway from all Bank Accounts, Bank Lock Box and Post Office effective September 30, 2019. Signatories to remain the same “save and except” her removal.

15. Discuss and possibly consider: Discuss and consider the Annual Fire Hydrant Audit to be scheduled for November 2019 for budget purposes.

16. Discuss and possibly consider: Consider interviewing a part-time Clerk from existing applicants; set rate of pay a and start date. If applicants aren’t selected, a motion to extend the period and expand advertising for the position is needed.  

17. Discuss and possibly consider: Schedule a Special meeting to possibly interview applicants for the part-time position. 

18. Adjourn.

The Council reserves the right to retire into executive session concerning any of the items listed on this agenda whenever it is considered necessary and is legally justified under the Open Meetings Act.

This facility is wheelchair accessible and wheelchair parking is available.  Requests for accommodations or interpretive services must be made 48 hours prior to this meeting.  Please contact the City Secretary at 254-2421 for further information or needed assistance.

This agenda is posted as required under Government Code Section 551.041.  For more information or for a copy of the open meetings act, please contact the Attorney General of Texas at 1-800-252-8011 or the City Secretary at 936-254-2421.