City of Timpson Regular Scheduled Meeting Agenda

October 20, 2015 - Notice is hereby given that a meeting of the governing body of the above named City will be held on the 20th day of October, 2015 at 5:30 pm at the City Hall, 456 Jacob Street, Timpson, Texas, at which time the following subjects will be considered, to-wit:  

     1.       Call to Order:
     2.    Invocation:
     3.    Pledge: United States Pledge, Texas Pledge             
     4.    Chamber of Commerce:  Chamber of Commerce, presented by Paul Smith. Timpson Ministerial Alliance and the Timpson Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring a “TRUNK OR TREAT” event on the Downtown Plaza at 6:00 on Saturday, October 31st.  Bring your little Ghosts and Goblins to the Downtown Fall Festival and let them fill their bags with treats and enjoy the festivities.
     5.    Council Items:      
     6.    Presentations & Recognition:  Matthew Owens has received his Class D Water Treatment Operator License.   Robert Hairgrove will celebrate his 5th year with the Timpson Police Department on November 1st. The City of Timpson would like to present the Shelby County Children’s Advocacy Center with a check in the amount of $628.93 (child safety fee) and recognize the Center for their efforts in Child Abuse Prevention through educational programs and events throughout the county.  Robin Connell will be in attendance to accept the donation.
     7.          Citizens Input:                    
     8.          Department Reports:            
                     A.           Public Works Report:  Larry Burns
                      B.           Police Department Report: Kent Graham
                      C.           Municipal Court Report:  For the month of September 2015, there were 47
                          citations issued,  56 violations, 0 to juveniles and 2 to minors.  Total amount
                          reported $14,316.99 the City’s portion a 55% estimate of $7,874.34.
                    D.           City Secretary:  Leslie Leathers reporting Woodlawn Cemetery mapping is complete. Notice of burn ban effective 8/12/15 for all of Shelby County by the Commissioners Court.Effective 90 days from the date of adoption of the order, unless she restrictions are terminated earlier based on a determination made by the Texas Forest Service or the court. Judge James Bogue, will be attending the Regional Judges Seminar, October 28-30, 2015 in Tyler.  
     9.           Consent Agenda:  Items included under the Consent Agenda require little or no Deliberation by the Council.  Approval of the Consent Agenda authorizes the City Secretary to proceed with the conclusion of each item as reflected in the Minutes of this meeting.
        A.     Consider approval of the minutes of the regular meeting held on September 15, 2015
        B.    Consider approval of Financial Statement for the month of September, 2015
        C.    Consider approval of Accounts Payable – Unpaid bills for September, 2015
        D.    Consider approval of the EDC minutes of the meeting held on October 13, 2015, including the EDC Street Improvements and the hiring of Good-Lasiter to prepare estimates for those projects.
        E.    Consider approval of city employee pay rates for 2015-16.
        F.    Consider approval of allowing the Gazebo Area to be used for a wedding on Dec 19.

        REGULAR AGENDA ITEMS  (10 –18)
      10.        Discuss and possibly take action:  Set “Call Out” Pay for the Police Department Effective immediately; the first call out will be Saturday, Sept 19th (12 hrs) and Sunday, Sept 20th (12 hrs).  The 2015-2016 proposed rate in the budget is $100 per weekend for the person who is on call, that is a rate of $4.16 per hour for that officer.  There is no additional pay for being called out while on call.  The Council will decide whether to increase pay by $25.00 for each, Easter Sunday, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, if those holidays fall during an on call day.
     11.        Discuss and possibly take action:  Amending the handbook in order that the “On Call” officer be allowed to take the patrol car to his home at the end of the day, immediately preceding his on call shift.  The current schedule will require the officer to take the car home on Saturday morning at the end of the 12 hr Friday PM shift. The car will remain with the officer on call until he returns to duty for the Saturday PM shift. When the officer gets off at 8am on Monday morning, the car will remain with the regular M-F patrol officers “in town” and not be taken home again until the weekend.  The City Attorney has stated that “response times” may be included in the handbook but should be reasonable and not set in miles but minutes.  The State Law provides that employees may have to be able to respond to Civil Emergencies within certain time frames.  Having reasonable response times for officers that are “on call” should be considered for everyone’s safety.

     12.        Discuss and possibly take action:  Amend the handbook with regard to paying Police Officers, time and one half for time worked in excess of 84 hours in a 7 day Period, there will be no more overtime pay.  The three officers will be paid on Friday
    Every two weeks and Chief Graham will continue to be paid weekly 40 hrs.
     13.         Discuss and possibly take action:  Change current vacation policy-all officers earn 120 hours of vacation annually.  They are currently required to take off 1/3 of those hours with pay and are allowed to take the other 2/3 without taking time off.
     14.         Discuss and possibly take action:  The Council will discuss securing the Financial Auditing Services of Frank Campos for the FY ending 9/30/15. In the event these services are NOT accepted, Item 15 will need to be discussed.
     15.         Discuss and possibly take action:  Advertise for bids for the financial audit of a Governmental agency with Grants totaling LESS THAN $500,000  *Requires a Single Audit compliant with Federal OMB A-133.
     16.         Discuss and possibly take action:  Raise in pay for Matthew Owens from $13.50 to $14.50 since he has received his Class D Water Treatment Operator License.
     17.        Discuss and possibly take action:  Hiring a part-time office worker at City Hall 2 days a week (16 hrs) @ $9.00/hr.
     18.        Adjourn: