CMS Donates Items to Alto and Franklin Area

CMS students with Principal Jake Henson, CISD Officer Shad Sparks, 8th grade teacher, Gladys Andrews, and delivery drivers Tristian Reynolds and Randy Simmons

April 22 , 2019 - Center Middle School responded to needs in the Alto/Franklin area last week by collecting items for donations. Principal Jake Henson was amazed at the response from the campus and community. 

"Donations were collected for just a couple of days, and the generosity far exceeded our expectations," Henson said.

Local citizen, James Ragan, who has made several deliveries to the Alto/Franklin area, made arrangements for Tristian Reynolds and Randy Simmons to pick up and deliver the donations. 

CMS sends a special 'Thank You' to CIS fifth grade special services students and Alisha Murray's 3rd grade class for donations sent. Also, our appreciation goes to Omni for donating 2 pallets of bottled water and PSS Pipeline for donating 84 cases of water.

More pictures at:

CMS students with donations 

Tristian Reynolds and Randy Simmons