Covid-19 Update: 11 New Cases Since Monday, 98 Active Cases

April 7, 2021 - According to the Texas DSHS Covid-19 Dashboard, the data reflected Wednesday, April 7th, there have been 11 new cases added since Monday, April 5th. Of the new cases, 6 were new confirmed cases and 5 were new probable cases.

The active cases have been decreasing and have remained in the 80s since March 3rd. However, the new cases pushed the active count over the 90 threshold to 93 on Tuesday and 98 on Wednesday.

In 2021, Shelby County had active case counts of 100 plus for 48 days from January 7th through February 23rd. There have been 26 total fatalities reported in 2021.

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April 7th (3:40pm) Numbers: (changes since April 6th)
Total Confirmed Cases - 912 (5 new)
Total Probable Cases - 710 (2 new)
Total Fatalities - 66
Total Estimated Active Cases - 98
Total Estimated Recovered - 1,458 (2 new)

April 6th (3:40pm) Numbers: (changes since April 5th)
Total Confirmed Cases - 907 (1 new)
Total Probable Cases - 708 (3 new)
Total Fatalities - 66
Total Estimated Active Cases - 93
Total Estimated Recovered - 1,456