David's Daily Devotion for August 1

August 1, 2022 - Good Morning! It’s Monday, August 1.

Joseph Priestly was a minister, theologian, philosopher, scientist, and a friend of Benjamin Franklin. And on this day in 1774, he discovered oxygen. Well, I’m not sure that “discovered” is the right word, since people had been breathing for quite a while before that. I guess Priestly discovered oxygen in the same way that Columbus discovered the New World - which was a surprise to the 60 million Indians already living here. 

Sometimes people talk about discovering God, but He had been around for quite a while, too. Perhaps, rather, we should say that we can gain understanding of God, just a little - little by little. Verses like these encourage us to search for this discovery -

Jeremiah 29:13 - You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart.

Proverbs 8:35 - Those who find me, find life . . .

Meet you back here tomorrow,
Bro. David