Excelsior Perfect Attendance, Honor Roll for 3rd Six Weeks

February 7, 2019 - Excelsior congratulates the following students for achieving perfect attendance and for maintaining an '80 and above' or '90 and above' grade point average for the honor roll.

Excelsior’s 3rd Six Weeks Perfect Attendance
Cannon Welch, Deuce Anderson, Cody Berg, Lillian Brown, Wyatt Foster, Kynlee Griggs, Justin Miles, Brilyn Williams, Hennessy Anderson, Lance Brown, Jaxen Mahan, Marissa Miles, Melanie Miles, Brooklynn Scates, Zachery Stotts, Mikayla Anderson, Kaleb Bentley, Lillian Ethridge, Jocelyn Stewart, Devin Warren, Jackson Welch, Jakeb Williams, Gracie Gillis, Emily Leach, Jaquelyn Miles, Bryson Stewart, Katelyn Bentley, Stephen Bentley, Anthone Davis-Katan, Kyra Huskey, Victoria King, Brian McDonald, Larkin Sears, Jaxon Williams, Kolton Adkinson, Leah Fountain, Evea Glasson, Joanie McDonald, Ethan Miles, Rylan Chandler, Abraham Diaz Gonzalez, Breia Lout, Jamie Stotts, Dean Walker, Dane Walker

Excelsior’s A Honor Roll
1st grade – Lillian Brown, Wyatt Foster, Drake Geuin, Kynlee Griggs, Allen Whitton
2nd grade – C J Clark
3rd grade – Hennessy Anderson, Lance Brown, Lexi Clark, Brooklynn Scates
4th grade – Mikayla Anderson, Jakeb Williams
5th grade – Emily Leach, Kingston Menzies, Kaycee Vaughn
6th grade – Kyra Huskey
7th grade – Leah Fountain, Ethan Miles
8th grade – Rylan Chandler, Abraham Diaz Gonzalez, Dane Walker

Excelsior's A/B Honor Roll
1st grade – Ella Aguillard
2nd grade – Brandon Escobedo, Justin Miles
3rd grade – Caidence Kelley, Jaxen Mahan
4th grade – Karson Adkinson, Kaleb Bentley, Ileigh Burcham, Lillian Ethridge, Jocelyn Stewart, Devin Warren, Jackson Welch
5th grade – Cody Adkinson, Emily Alvy, Gracie Gillis, Toni Lovell, Jaquelyn Miles, Celeste Rivera Diaz, Blake Warren
6th grade – Katelyn Bentley, Stephen Bentley, Victoria King, Larkin Sears, Abbie Smith, Dallas Whiteside, Jaxon Williams,
7th grade – Lisseth Arias, Kailee Cameron, Evea Glasson, Joanie McDonald
8th grade – Jada Jacobs, Breia Lout, Jamie Stotts, Dean Walker