Families Enjoy Christmas Party at Assisted Living Facility

December 17, 2014 - Administrator Ms. Kay Powell and all of her staff presented the clients and their families with a Christmas Party at Lakeside Village Assisted Living this season.

Mrs. Powell welcomed the families and spoke of her love and appreciation of the clients and their families. She also thanked her staff for all they do to make life at Lakeside the best for the clients.

Next, she introduced Pastor Jenkins. Pastor Jenkins and Bro. Lonnie Belrose, of Sardis Church, led the Christmas singing. Then, Mrs. Belrose read about the birth of Jesus from the Bible.

All of the employees presented the clients and families with a buffet of goodies. There were cookies, sandwiches, dips, cheese balls, vegetable and fruit trays and punch. To be sure, everything was delicious! A great time was had by everyone there.