Jimmy Faulkner Announces Candidacy for Shelby County Sheriff (Pd Adv)

My name is Jimmy Faulkner and I am announcing my candidacy for the Sheriff of Shelby County in the 2024 election.

I was brought up in Timpson, TX by my father and mother (James & Hortense Faulkner). I have one sister (Gina Faulkner Bourlon), who is married to Clint Bourlon of Lufkin, TX. I have two children, a son, J.R. Faulkner who is married to Kayla Hughes Faulkner and a daughter, Avery Faulkner.

I graduated from Timpson High School and shortly after I attended Panola College. In 1991, I graduated from the East Texas Police Academy. Shortly after graduating from the police academy, I became employed with the Center Police Department until 1995. In 1995 I attended the Texas DPS Academy. I retired from Texas DPS as a Highway Patrolman March 2020 with 25 years of service.

My decision to run for the office of Sheriff of Shelby County is simply this, we, the taxpayers and citizens deserve a change. I believe that with my 29 years in law enforcement and working knowledge of the community, we can make the Sheriff’s Department more efficient and effective.

I know with the encouragement and support of all the people I know, including family and friends, I have the confidence needed to take on this endeavor.

If elected as Sheriff I will have one main goal and that will be to make the Sheriff’s Department more efficient and effective. This will include working with all elected officials and agency heads to make a better working environment. Also, it will include working on issues such as recruitment and retention of employees, safety of the citizens, protection of property, offenses against our children, and drug problems.

Unfortunately it will not happen overnight, but I will promise to set it all in the motion and see it through. I also promise to be present in day to day operations and listen vigilantly to all concerns of the taxpayers and citizens.

Lastly, I will run a clean campaign and only wish to do what will positively impact Shelby County. I have always leaned on my Christian faith throughout my career to keep me focused, stay hopeful and be a positive influence on others.

Thank you for your consideration to be your next Sheriff of Shelby County.

J.R. "Jimmy" Faulkner
Candidate #1 on the Ballot

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