Free Program at Mission Dolores State Historic Site - Foraging Along the Trail

May 11, 2023 - Join Rachel Galan on Saturday, May 27th at Mission Dolores State Historic Site’s Visitor Center for a leisurely foraging walk. Most of the plants you will meet are more than likely happily growing just a few steps from your front door and offer a wealth of wild foods and remedies. Some of these plants are Texas natives, some were carefully carried here by explorers and settlers, and some just hitched a ride and made Texas home.

We’ll start under the Muscadine grape arbor at 10 am on Saturday, May 27th, have a look at some of the plants growing in our Administration Building flower beds and lawn and then take a stroll along the Mission Dolores walking path and see what foraging plants we can find, identify and discuss.

Established in 1717 by Spanish settlers, Mission Dolores played an important role in shaping the Spanish experience with some of Texas’ earliest European immigrants. “The Spanish soldiers and missionaries who lived at the East Texas missions and presidios very possibly would have been shown by the Ais and Caddo peoples what native plants could be foraged and prepared as food and medicine,” said Lisa Savage, Educator/Interpreter at Mission Dolores State Historic Site. “Many of those same plants still grow here and we’ll learn a bit about them during our foraging walk.”

Admission to the foraging walk is free and suitable for those age 12 and older. The program will run from 10 am - noon on Saturday, May 27th. Please call 936-275-3815 or visit for more information.

Mission Dolores State Historic Site 701 S Broadway Street San Augustine, TX 75972