Getting Water from a Dry Well by Doug Fincher

“These are wells without water…” 2 Peter 2:17

July 3, 2017 - John Perkins was a deacon in the First Baptist Church of Starks, La. when I was the church’s pastor in the sixties. One day I went with him to the old abandoned house where he was raised on what’s now “John Perkins Road”. As we drove up, I spotted an old rusty hand pump in the front yard and began vigorously pumping for water. I was about burned out when John hollered from the porch, “Aint no use, Preacher! “That well’s dry!”

John went to heaven many years ago and I have often thought of our visit to his old house place. My pumping that day reminds me of the many times I failed to get church members to produce spiritual water. There were probably many reasons for my lack of success. Maybe I wasn’t winsome enough…or was just using the wrong methods of persuasion. But there was also another possible reason. I learned it that day at John’s old house place:

You can’t pump water from a dry well.