Giving Day to Raise Awareness for Center Nonprofit

Save the Date - East Texas Giving Day is April 30!

April 25, 2019 - East Texas Giving Day is in full swing with donations already coming is thanks to prescheduled giving. This year’s event features 185 registered nonprofits from across East Texas. Sunshine Haley, with Grace Manor, is hoping generous residents remember her organization when deciding where to give on April 30th.

“This is our first year to participate in Giving Day,” said Sunshine Haley, with Grace Manor. “We are always looking for new ways to get people involved with our organization. East Texas Giving Day is a fun way to engage new donors online and celebrate the wonderful supporters we already have.”

Grace Manor is a Child-Placing agency that is dedicated to improving the lives of foster children. Grace Manor is licensed to certify foster, foster to adopt, and adoptive families. As a licensed foster care provider and a licensed adoption agency, Grace Manor is prepared to serve families and children from an initial placement in foster care to being united as forever families.

“We are excited to be a part of East Texas Giving Day,” said Haley. “Not only does this event give us another means to fundraise, it has allowed us to improve our marketing and outreach skills. Giving Day has helped us be better at social media and has provided us with the tools necessary to take those lessons into other campaigns throughout the year.”

East Texas Giving Day, powered by East Texas Communities Foundation, is an 18-hour, online giving event set for April 30, 2019. The event officially kicks off at 6:00 a.m. and ends at midnight. Donors can participate in the event by going online to to pre-schedule their donation.

Donations can be made from any device that can access the internet including; desktop computers, mobile phones or tablets.

“East Texas Giving Day is an exciting way for people to support area nonprofits,” said Holly McFarlin, Public Relations Director of East Texas Communities Foundation. “The event is online so you don’t have to drive anywhere, get dressed up or leave work early.”

The minimum donation amount for the event is $10, and can be placed using a credit card, debit card or e-check. “The $10 minimum donation means anyone can give back to their community on Giving Day,” said McFarlin. “Giving Day is meant to inspire communities and celebrate the work of the nonprofits in your city or town. We encourage everyone to rejoice in the good that is around them and use social media to brag on your favorite nonprofit.”

On April 30th donors can track donations made in real-time by watching the leader-board on the home page of the web site, All transactions processed on Giving Day will incur approximately 5.09% in fees based on the costs of the Giving Day platform and credit card fees. Donors will receive an immediate tax receipt via email at the conclusion of the donation process.

About ETCF
East Texas Communities Foundation is a nonprofit corporation serving 32 counties in East Texas. The Foundation distributed $15.4 million in grants in 2018 and currently manages over $100 million in assets distributed over 361 unique charitable funds which support non-profit organizations and student scholarships. The Foundation, which was formed in 1989, has awarded $87.6 million in grants and scholarships since its inception. Philanthropy builds community and changes lives. East Texas Communities Foundation supports philanthropy by offering simple ways for donors to achieve their charitable goals.