Golden Harvest Sept. Meeting

September 22, 2015 - Johnie Gray gave the opening prayer for the Golden harvest Ministries Club on Septerber 21, 2015 in the Fellowship hall of the First Baptist Church.  Joe Anderson  announced that there was an Anniversary Cake for Mike and linda Bordelon's 50th wedding anniversary.  Jheri-Lynn McSwainintroduced a new program given by the Extension Service.  She callenged us to get involved with an exercise program given at the Nutrition site starting October 13 at 10:00 in the morning.  Ed Miller briskly led us as we sang "In My Heart There Rings a Melody" and Oh how I love Jesus" while Alice West played the piano.

      Those with September birthdays were recognized. They were David Bain, Johnie Gray, Ellen Manning Terri miller and Bobbie Nutt.  Joe Anderson introduced the visitors.  We had Margaret Stockton, Robbie Kerr, Shirley Owens, Alease Copelin and Suzanne Ihlo. Danny Brown asked the blessing on the food and everyone helped themselves to the delicious dishes of food that the members provided.

     The program chair introduced Alease Copelln, a Career Technology Counselor for Center Schools.  She explained the prupose of the Back pack program and told us how many meals were given to children on Friday so they could have nourishment over the week-end and be better students when they came to school on monday.

Then Suzanne Ihlo gave some  history of the First Methodist Cemetery and explained the process necessary to obtain a Historical Marker for a cemetery.  She has completed the application and now this project is waiting approval by the Historical Commission but it is over 200 on the list of aplications.  So we are waiting to see the marker.  We each need to take care of cemeteries in our area.

     Betty Green gave us a financial report.  Ellen Manning read the minutes of the last meeting.  Linda Bordelon said that next month the program will be on Dutch Ooven Cooking and that we could go to Shelbyville to see Dutch oven Cooking in action when they have their meeting. The Bee Club is having a meeting  on Wed in the Community Room in the Court House.  Ann Forbes thanked those who helped in the kitchen and she metioned that Linda Bordelon did a nice job putting fresh flowers on the table.  Then we went over the Prayer Report very carefully making additions as people thought of others who were sick or in need of prayer. Jack Smith led us in a closing prayer.