Gordon Peavy By Doug Fincher

June 10, 2024 - “….you’ll have treasure in heaven..” Luke 18:22

Gordon was San Augustine Texas’ finest truck farmer. He farmed in the Patroon Creek bottom and occasionally on the old Horne place. He taught me to drive a tractor, tie turnip greens with bear grass and know when a watermelon is ripe.

Onions were “urnions” to Gordon and when tackling a job he’s say, “there aint nothing tur it”. He gave me my college graduation watch and treated me like one of his family. Always giving more than he received, he was a rich poor man … not a poor rich man.

What he left behind was far more excellent than material wealth. His generous heart made him what some men never are …… a good man. And while enriching others, he unconsciously enriched himself.

His rewards are stored in heaven.