Griffin Brothers Named Farm Family of the Year


April 28, 2015 - Brothers Robert and David Griffin of R. and D. Farms have been selected as the Farm Family of the Year for 2015.

Robert and David have a lot of accumulated agricultural knowledge and experience. Cattle and chickens are a way of life for their family and have been for many years. They grew up in 4H and FFA participating in many projects. They started their partnership when Robert was a senior and David was a freshman in high school. They went to Production Credit Association before school to sign their first note to purchase cows.

With Shelby County’s ag income at about $350 Million last year, Shelby County consistently ranks near the top of all Texas counties. Chicken, Cattle, and Timber: a great business to be in Shelby County and R. and D. Farms is a perfect example of how to do it right.

Robert and David have an extensive cattle and poultry operation. Owners of 19 chicken houses and are contract growers for Tyson foods where selected as winners of the Mooseberg award in 2011 top poultry grower. In 1994 the brothers became part owners of the Center Livestock Auction Barn.

Besides being profitable farmers – these men have a strong commitment to passing this tradition on to the next generation. That means helping Robert’s son, Blake get started and it also means being involved in 4H, FFA, and all the committees and organizations that support agriculture. They don’t hesitate to give back to the community when they see an opportunity.

Robert is on the Farm Bureau Board of Directors and is a member of the Shelby County AgriLife Extension Leadership Advisory Board. Often they work behind the scenes. But, if agriculture is involved so are Robert and David Griffin.

Tonight we give these men the credit and the recognition they deserve. We also salute them for being good stewards of the land that they plan to pass along to future Griffin family members. We also acknowledge their strong family roots. Shelby County agriculture is safe in their hands.

Robert and David Griffin of R. and D. Farms. Shelby County’s Farm Family of the Year for 2015.