Hands in Your Pockets by Doug Fincher

What thy hands find to do, do it with thy might…” (Ecc. 9:10)

Willie came this morning to do some painting for us. He arrived at 8: oo sharp as he always does but his 20-year old helper came dragging up an hour late with his hands in his pockets and mumbling excuses.

It’s a good thing he wasn’t working for my father-in-law, Oley LeDoux. Oley has worked for the same company in Sulphur, La. for 56 years and says they never hire anyone who comes for a job interview with their hands in their pockets.

My Dad, one of the world’s hardest workers, told my brothers and me to keep our hands out of our pockets and to work for our pay. But times have changed and we now have a generation of lazy parents spawning a brood of lethargic hand-warmers.

My Pastor told me years ago that the world didn’t need any lazy preachers and advised me to never preach with my hands in my pockets. I never have…

…and never will.