Jaime Mitchell by Doug Fincher

“Let your lights shine before men….” Matt. 5:16

Doug FincherApril 18, 2016 - Jaime cooks at the Waffle House in Norcross, Georgia.  His cooking prowess, mild manner, combat boots, jeans and large earring kept Pam and me entertained long after we finished eating. As stressed-out waitresses barked their orders, Jaime calmly flipped omelets while arranging chicken strips and burgers on the crowded grille. Thanking the waitresses for each order, he intermittently washed dishes and answered the phone. 

As we left, I asked the cashier if he was the owner. “Oh, no,” she replied. “He’s just the cook…his name is Jaime Mitchell…he’s my boyfriend.”  “He’s pretty good”, I remarked. “Yeah”, she replied. “He don’t know how good he is….…he’s the ‘humblest’ man in the world.” 

Although the Bread of Life is on our church menus, many don’t ask for Him.

Maybe we should take some tips from Jaime Mitchell.