Jennifer Paddie Benefit, Bake Sale

June 14, 2019 - Benefit and Bake sale for Jennifer Paddie. Donated items for Jennifer’s Benefit Garage Sale all week, on the Tenaha Hwy. 96 N. One mile on the left. The Bake sale is June 14, 2019 at Raymond Motors from 9 to 1.  Call (936) 332-0060 or text, Facebook for donations.  

Jennifer and Billy Paddie were in an accident Saturday, May 18th. Jennifer was sent to Tyler where they put her in ICU. Jennifer has had surgeries and complications. Now, Jennifer is having a difficult time recovering. Jennifer’s recovery is going to be long and complicated. Please pray for this family. God is good. We are lucky she is still alive! 

Jennifer continues to have pain and is in and out of the hospital. Prayers, please for this family. Billy needs to have surgery on his shoulder but will not until Jennifer is better. Purple bear and Sassy puppy will be at the sales to take your donations for Jennifer. Friday, June 14, 2019. Purple Bear will be at Raymond Motors and Sassy Puppy will be at the Garage Sale on Tenaha Hwy. 96N. One mile from Center on the left.

All donations go to Jennifer and her family to help with Medical Expenses.