Jim Barrett to Speak on DeedMapper at TAGHS October Meeting

October 16, 2017 - Genealogical research is addictive. Step One is always “Who were my ancestors?” Solving that puzzle frequently leads to Step Two: “Where did they live?” Answering that question usually proves harder than learning who they were. DeedMapper Software can help. Jim Barrett, who has used DeedMapper, will speak to the Timpson Genealogical and Heritage Society on Wednesday, October 18 at 2pm about DeedMapper.

Trying find out who owned a parcel of land in 1831 usually entails spending hours poring over dusty records in county offices. However, as more and more of these records are being digitized, visiting these offices may not be necessary. That doesn't mean the research is easy though. This is where the value of DeedMapper lies. As their website says, DeedMapper “is for anyone who's interested in platting those old land patents, grants, and deeds, and placing them on a modern map.” Those who want to know more about DeedMapper are invited to see Mr. Barrett demonstrate its use next Wednesday in the Meeting Room of the Timpson Public Library, located on the corner of Austin and Bremond Streets in downtown Timpson.