Joaquin Jr High Takes Top Honors at One-Act-Play, UIL Academic Contests

December 8, 2022 - The Joaquin Junior High School One-Act Play “Once Upon a Playground” competed for district honors at Panola College and received first place. Several students also earned individual awards: 

Best Performer: Lucinda David
All-Star Cast: Abi Briggs, Carmella King
Honorable Mention All-Star Cast: Maci Mustard, Addison Raybon
Honor Crew: Savannah Jordan 

Cast and crew members: Elijah Baird, Landry Balkcom, Abi Briggs, Brystal Cummings, Lucinda David, Morgan Fenley, Khloe Goss, Savannah Jordan, Carmella King, Bryleigh Lynch, Macy McCarty, Maci Mustard, Addison Raybon, Trenton Runnels, Jessie Webb, JB Wilson

Joaquin students also competed at the District 23AA University Interscholastic League (UIL) Academic Meet held at SFA where competitors scored points in 42 academic events. Joaquin’s 1141 total points captured the District Championship.

Joaquin students receiving medals at the district contest:

1st Place
Lucinda David - Editorial Writing, Ready Writing, Art 
Alaina Dean - Art
Sean Fry - Editorial Writing
Jace Gaskin - Science
Carter Graves - Spelling
Everett Groeling - Listening
Emma Lewis - Modern Oratory
Lyndrey Lightfoot - Music Memory
Kynsleigh McMillon - Oral Reading
Haylen Stanaland - Editorial Writing
SeVana Stotts - Ready Writing, Spelling
Kaiden Thrasher - Dictionary Skills
Art 6th Grade Team - Alaina Dean, Lyndrey Lightfoot, Brylie Jernigan
Art 7/8th Grade Team - Lucinda David, Kaylee McCarty, SeVana Stotts, Maci Mustard, Addison Raybon
Calculator 6th Grade Team - Abel Burkhalter, Titan Diven, Kynsleigh McMillon
Dictionary Skills 6th Grade Team - Rudy Daughtery, Kaiden Thrasher, Jensen Weatherall
Listening 6th Grade Team - Jace Gaskin, Kaiden Thrasher, Jensen Weatherall
Listening 7th Grade Team - Sean Fry, Everett Groeling, Tate Obregon
Mathematics 6th Grade Team - Abel Burkhalter, Zoey Deas, Camryn Kendrick
Mathematics 8th Grade Team - Elijah Baird, Cooper Bragg, Lane Webb
Music Memory 6th Grade Team - Rudy Daughtery, Alaina Dean, Henley Harris, Lyndrey Lightfoot
Number Sense 8th Grade Team - Cooper Bragg, Carter Graves, Lane Webb
Science 7th Grade Team - Sean Fry, Everett Groeling, SeVana Stotts
Social Studies 8th Grade Team - Brody Cummings, Lucinda David, Kason Stanaland
Spelling 6th Grade Team - Alaina Dean, Jace Gaskin, Zoey Deas
Spelling 7th Grade Team - Addison Raybon, SeVana Stotts, Katelyn Yang
Spelling 8th Grade Team - Elijah Baird, Morgan Fenley, Carter Graves

2nd Place
Lucinda David - Social Studies
Rudy Daughtery - Music Memory
Alaina Dean - Spelling
Zoey Deas - Mathematics
Sean Fry - Ready Writing, Science
Carter Graves - Number Sense
Everett Groeling - Chess
Camryn Kendrick - Maps, Graphs, Charts
Carmella King - Modern Oratory
Lyndrey Lightfoot - Art
Kaylee McCarty - Art
Kynsleigh McMillon - Calculator Applications
Maci Mustard - Oral Reading
Tate Obregon - Social Studies, Listening
Addison Raybon - Editorial Writing, Dictionary Skills
SeVana Stotts - Editorial Writing
Jensen Weatherall - Dictionary Skills
Lane Webb - Mathematics
Calculator 7th Grade Team - Everett Groeling, Hunter Kay, SeVana Stotts
Chess Team - Carter Graves, Everett Groeling, Brennan Kilpatrick
Dictionary Skills 7th Grade Team - Landry Balkcom, Maci Mustard, Addison Raybon
Dictionary Skills 8th Grade Team - Abi Briggs, Madeline Mullins, Katelyn Yang
Maps, Graphs, Charts 7th Grade Team - Sean Fry, Brennan Kilpatrick, Caseyn Milford
Maps, Graphs, Charts 8th Grade Team - Elijah Baird, Kayden Haessley, Jax Smith
Mathematics 7th Grade Team - Sean Fry, Hunter Kay, SeVana Stotts
Number Sense 6th Grade Team - Abel Burkhalter, Zoey Deas, Jace Gaskin
Science 6th Grade Team - Zoey Deas, Jace Gaskin, Titan Diven
Social Studies 6th Grade Team - Jace Gaskin, Kaiden Thrasher, Jensen Weatherall
Social Studies 7th Grade Team - Landry Balkcom, Caseyn Milford, Tate Obregon

3rd Place
Elijah Baird - Maps, Graphs, Charts
Brody Cummings - Social Studies
Alaina Dean - Ready Writing
Zoey Deas - Spelling
Sean Fry - Listening
Jace Gaskin - Social Studies, Listening
Brennan Kilpatrick - Maps, Graps, Charts
Kaylee McCarty - Art
SeVana Stotts - Mathematics, Science
Asher VanHoute - Editorial Writing
Jessie Webb - Oral Reading
Katelyn Yang - Spelling
Calculator 8th Grade Team - Elijah Baird, Morgan Finley, Carter Graves
Listening 8th Grade Team - Kaylee McCarty, SeVana Stotts, Brennan Kilpatrick
Maps, Graphs, Charts 6th Grade Team - Rudy Daughter, Camryn Kendrick, Brady Sigler
Science 8th Grade Team - Lucinda David, Kaylee McCarty, Lane Webb

4th Place
Elijah Baird - Spelling
Landry Balkcom - Dictionary Skills, Oral Reading
Lucinda David - Science, Oral Reading
Cooper Bragg - Mathematics
Zoey Deas - Number Sense
Titan Diven - Calculator Applications, Oral Reading
Sean Fry - Mathematics
Jace Gaskin - Spelling
Everett Groeling - Number Sense
Kayden Haessley - Modern Oratory
Brylie Jernigan - Art 
Camryn Kendrick - Mathematics
SeVana Stotts - Art
Kaiden Thrasher - Listening 
Jensen Weatherall - Social Studies
Katelyn Yang - Dictionary Skills

5th Place
Elijah Baird - Mathematics
Landry Balkcom - Social Studies
Cooper Bragg - Number Sense
Abel Burkhalter - Calculator Applications
Rudy Daughtery - Dictionary Skills
Sean Fry - Maps, Graphs, and Charts
Everett Groeling - Science
Kayden Haessley - Maps, Graphs, and Charts
Henley Harris - Music Memory
Brennan Kilpatrick - Chess
Carmella King - Oral Reading
Kynsleigh McMillon - Editorial Writing
Madeline Mullins - Dictionary Skills
Maci Mustard - Art
Addison Raybon - Spelling
Kason Stanaland - Calculator Applications
SeVana Stotts - Calculator Applicatons
Kyler Townsend - Oral Reading
Asher VanHoute - Ready Writing
J.B. Wilson - Impromptu Speaking

6th Place
Abel Burkhalter - Mathematics, Number Sense
Alaina Dean - Editorial Writing, Music Memory
Hunter Kay - Calculator Applications
Kaylee McCarty - Science
Kynsleigh McMillon - Ready Writing
Maci Mustard - Dictionary Skills
Natalie Peace - Calculator Applications
Addison Raybon - Oral Reading

From left: SeVana Stotts and Lucinda David

Special Awards

SeVana Stotts, 7th grade - District 23AA Academic High Point Individual
Lucinda David, 8th grade - OAP Best Performer, Academic High Point Individual Runner-Up