Joaquin VFD EMR Team Stays Active During Final Week of Jan., Into Feb.

February 6, 2023 - The week of January 29th through February 4th yielded another four calls for the Joaquin Volunteer Fire Department. Here’s a summary of the week’s events.
Tuesday at 6:39pm a call was received for someone having an allergic reaction on FM 2694 in Shelbyville. Allegiance EMS requested that the JVFD EMR team respond to the location, which was out of jurisdiction, due to the EMRs having the necessary medication and being closer at the time of the call. Once the EMRs arrived on the scene they found that patient was in a stable condition and did not require an emergency dose of epinephrine. After checking that the patient’s vitals were within normal range, the EMRs were able to clear the scene.
Wednesday at 5:55pm a call came in for a man in the river on County Road 3545. At the time of the call the temperatures outside were in the thirties and it was clear if the man stayed in the water too long that hypothermia would set in so, in addition to Joaquin’s response, DFD1 (DeSoto Fire District) deployed a boat to assist in getting him out of the water. Upon arriving at the address it was discovered that the man had been helped out of the river by some neighbors and he was warming up in his home. To be on the safe side, he was checked out by EMRs and Allegiance EMS and they did not find that he was suffering from any effects of hypothermia. 

Later Wednesday night at 9:03pm a call was received for a female having a seizure on County Road 3173. The EMRs responded and were able to help DeSoto EMS with getting the patient to the ambulance where she could be transported to an emergency room.
Thursday had the final call for the week at 11:10am when it was reported that a car had ran off of Highway 7 East near Flat Fork Creek. When the JVFD made it to the scene, they found the car in the upright position stuck in the mud a fair distance off the pavement. The three occupants were all unharmed and had called for help to get their car unstuck. Once a tow truck was en route to the location, the JVFD was able to clear the scene. 
With that, this edition of the report will come to a close. The Joaquin Volunteer Fire Department hopes everyone has a great and safe week going forward.