Joaquin VFD Fire Reports Three Calls in Final Week of July

August 1, 2022 - The final week of July closed with three calls for the Joaquin Volunteer Fire Department (JVFD). Here’s a brief rundown of all that occurred. 
Starting late in the week with Thursday, July 28th, the JVFD was dispatched to County Road 3267 where a power pole had fallen on a car causing the car catch fire. The incident was discovered to be in the jurisdiction of a neighboring fire department, and therefore the JVFD were called off.
Next in the early morning hours of Saturday, July 30th, the EMR team was dispatched to a residence on Carroll Street for a patient having a high blood sugar attack. 
Lastly on Sunday, July 31st, the Joaquin VFD responded to reports of an unresponsive man in his car located in the Subway parking lot. The patient was awake and speaking when Allegiance EMS and a Shelby County Sheriff deputy arrived on the scene. 
That concludes the report for this week. Until next time, the Joaquin Volunteer Fire Department hopes everyone has a great and safe week as we begin the month of August.