Joaquin VFD Report Includes 4 Calls for Week of Jan. 22-28

January 30, 2023 - The Joaquin Volunteer Fire Department had a fairly average call volume for the week of January 22nd through 28th with 4 calls. Here’s a summary of the weeks events.

Sunday at 12:26pm a page was received in regards to a grass fire in a pasture on County Road 3361. Fire had covered a small portion of the pasture and was moving across the ground at a steady pace. The JVFD responded to the call with a single brush truck and put a quick stop to any further spread.

Sunday night at 9:55pm another call came in for a 16-year-old female having hip and leg spasms at a residence on County Road 3173. JVFD EMRs arrived on scene to assist Allegiance EMS with moving the patient from the house to the ambulance where she could be prepped for transport. 

Early Wednesday morning at 4:33am a call came in to assist an elderly female who had fallen at her home on Carrol Street. Once the JVFD arrived it was clear that the patient had also broken their hip, which may have been the cause of the fall. EMS was called and the patient was transported to a nearby emergency room.

The last call for the week came in Saturday night at 8:45pm for a woman having severe abdominal pain at a residence on Cooper Street. EMRs arrived at a similar time to Allegiance EMS and assisted in getting the patient out of the home and to the ambulance.

With that, this report will come to a close. The Joaquin Volunteer Fire Department hopes everyone has a great and safe week ahead.