Joaquin VFD Reports 3 Medical Emergency Calls Last Week

August 29, 2022 - The Joaquin Volunteer Fire Department ended the last full week of August with 3 total calls, all of which pertaining to medical emergencies. 

The first call came in on Monday, August 22nd for a lift assist on Carroll Street to help a patient back into their home after being returned from the hospital.

The other 2 calls came in on Saturday, August 27th, with the earliest at 2:06am for a Covid patient having trouble breathing in their home on Highway 84 East. The JVFD EMR team responded and, after donning proper personal protective gear, monitored the patient until Allegiance EMS could arrive to transport.

Later on in the morning at 11:38am the JVFD would be dispatched to the public park in downtown Joaquin for a 15 year old patient having a seizure. With help from some good samaritans, members of the Joaquin VFD administered medical aid until Allegiance EMS could arrive on the scene.

That concludes the report for this week. Until next time, the Joaquin Volunteer Fire Department hopes everyone has a safe a great week ahead.