JVFD Reports of Several Recent Fires; Excavator Burns Near County Yard

March 21, 2022 - The Joaquin Volunteer Fire Department has been dispatched to five fires since March 19, 2022 that were the result of some form of outdoor burning.

On March 19 there was a woods fire on County Road 3485 in the Woodland Shores community that started from a burn pile and burned into the woods several feet away.

March 20 saw four calls alone, each within three and a half hours from the first to the last. The first was a tree fire on County Road 3845 that started in a burn pile and jumped the road and into a nearby tree.

The second was a call for an excavator on fire down County Road 3001. The fire started while a pile of trees was being cleared.

Next was a call for a yard on fire on County Road 3000. The fire started in a burn pile and preceded to spread across the caller's yard.

Lastly the JVFD was dispatched to a fire at the intersection of FM 139 and County Road 3361 and 3360. This fire most likely was caused by a discarded cigarette in the ditch, catching the grass and nearby trees on fire.

No one was harmed in any of these fires. However, the Joaquin Volunteer Fire Department would like to urge everyone to use extreme caution when considering any outdoor burning of any kind, and also be mindful of the current weather conditions before starting to burn. As for discarding cigarettes, please use an ash tray if one is available and never put one out on dry grass that could spark a larger fire. The JVFD wishes everyone a safe and fire-free week.