Keeping the Daniels School Legacy Alive; Happy Mother's Day

May 13, 2018 - Happy Mother’s Day to all alumni and descendants of Daniels School. Accolades to the teachers of Daniels High who are still with us as well. Who was the mother of Daniels High through all the years of its existence? To me and perhaps to many others it was the one who can be remembered the most for being there for them through thick and thin. One to give advice to the students. One who would say: ‘Forget where you came from and look forward to where you are going’. Several could be named but only one stands out in this article. Others may be mentioned later.

The Mother of all times was Mrs. Ruby Lister Biggers, English teacher at Daniels and later at Center High. She was another great teacher that the Daniels students loved. Her technique of teaching her students to memorize poems, sonnets, etc., paid off because its inspiring to know that many of the students to this day can recite those same poems. Students have done so at several of the Daniels Alumni Reunions. What a lady? She had one son, Karl, who finished with honors at Center High and obtained higher education in the financial profession. Mother Ruby has been gone almost 10 years now but Karl comes to Center often and takes care of the homestead. Mrs. Biggers was a councilwoman in Center and had input on many improvements in the City while in office. Her submission of the ‘Bobcat Yearbook’ on social media assisted with the request to place Daniels High School as an entry to ‘’, a website holding information for listing classmates of schools in various worldwide cities. Originally, Center High was the only school in Center on the site before Daniels High was added. The response was: there is no information on this school but the ‘Bobcat Yearbook’ saved the day and the Daniels school was put on board. Thanks again to Mrs. Ruby for having that book put together. Now many of the alumni of Daniels can be found on the website of Try it and add your name so generations after us can keep the legacy alive by viewing the many students who passed through Daniels School. Remember, the next reunion is in 2019 and you are invited.