Large Tank Convoy Slows Traffic in Shelby County

June 11, 2015 - Traffic in Shelby County was slowed down considerably in certain areas as a large convoy rolled through on U.S. 96 hauling enormous tanks on Wednesday, June 10, 2015. As the convoy transitioned through Center on Hurst Street at 1:30pm, utility trucks could be seen moving in place ahead of the haulers to raise power lines and move any other obstacles out of the way.

Police officers on motorcycles from another area also assisted by directing traffic along the route. Previous to the tanks entering the intersection of Moffett Drive and Timpson Street, the pole holding the stoplights on the northbound side was unbolted and lifted out of the way and the convoy continued toward Tenaha.

A member of the convoy stated the convoy began in Houston and they were traveling to Arkansas. The tanks had coverings on them which had the name Hormecal on them which is a company out of Spain who manufactures equipment mainly for water works and steel works.

Although there were delays, and a brief power outage of about 20 minutes near the north circle in Center, the convoy moved through relatively quickly considering the size of the equipment they were moving.

For those curious about the equipment, Hormecal can be found online at the following link -


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Posted by Shelby County Today on Thursday, June 11, 2015