Leathers Named Timpson City Secretary; Employees Reach Milestones

March 18, 2015 - Leslie Leathers was chosen to be the new City Secretary in Timpson at their recent meeting held on Tuesday, March 17, 2015. A quick departure of former City Secretary Barbara Hunt was seen on the previous week as she was expected to hold the position through April 30. Following the interview process of several candidates in executive session, the council returned from executive session and chose Leathers as the full time city secretary.

Several employees of the City of Timpson have reached milestones in their time working with the city. Mayor Smith stated Charlotte Broadway has been working with the city for 31 years as of February 1. Paula Mullins will reach her 6th year with the city on April 7 and January was Timpson Police Officer Jacob Metcalf's first year with the city.

A motion was passed by the council naming Paula Mullins Interim City Secretary from March 18 to June 16, 2015 while the new city secretary gets associated with the daily activities of the city.

Paul Smith, Timpson Area Chamber of Commerce (TACC) President, provided the council with information on upcoming events. The TACC meeting will be in the Timpson Library Public Library on Austin Street at 5pm; March 28, starting at 10am will be the 6th Annual Citywide Easter Egg Hunt held at the Community Building in SoSo Park, sponsored by the Timpson Order of the Eastern Star #1144 and the TACC, "Parents should bring an Easter egg basket for your children, your camera for pictures with the Easter Bunny. Last year over 5,000 eggs were hidden and we expect it to be that many or more this year."

Smith continued by informing the TACC Job Fair will be held on Wednesday, April 1 at the Community Building from 1pm to 3pm, "Anyone seeking a new job or needing a new job in the future is invited. Shelby County Workforce [Solutions] will be present, Timpson Go Center Vernett Richardson will be there along with CJ Baxter Group and E-Tech will sponsor short seminars on how to get and keep a job."

The TACC is currently planning the Annual Barbecue Contest for May 16 and tentatively expects to be held at the Timpson RV Park. Smith also stated he is excited about this upcoming Frontier Days. There will be a laser light show once again and vendors are already signing up for the event.

Ronnie Wolfe, Councilman, asked the council to consider the need to have a separate dedicated checking account for the purpose of tracking Timpson Police Department expenses. Mayor Debra Pate Smith stated on the agenda she would add the item to the next agenda if two other council members agree. Council members George Grace and Janell Baker expressed their desire to have the item on the agenda.

During the public comment portion of the meeting, Cecil Parks made comments regarding Mayor Smith and an allegation he has made toward Timpson Police Chief Kent Graham and Timpson ISD Police Chief Kim Graham. The Texas Rangers opened an investigation into his allegations and found no wrongdoing on the part of the Grahams. Parks made a formal complaint to the city and he feels the action taken is to "sweep it under the rug." Parks also disputes Mayor Smiths statement she contacted the Rangers as the report only mentions Parks contacted the Rangers.

"I don't know what it's going to take to make this a serious situation here," said Parks. "As far as the last time that I put on the deal for the agenda, no concern for the public safety. Beyond a doubt this situation happened, whether you want to believe it or take it as the truth, or make it another lie but it did happen, it did happen and all that's happening around it is smoke and mirrors."

During the meeting Resolutiun 03172015-01 was approved, removing Barbara Hunt as an authorized signer on each Austin Bank checking account and naming Mayor Debra Smith, Paula Mullins, Charlotte Broadway and Mayor Pro Tem Ronnie Wolfe as signatories on the account. The accounts include the general fund, payroll, and a grant account.

Police Activity Report for the month of February:
33 agency assists; 16 motorist assists; 2 escorts;. 6 extra patrol requests; 2 loose livestock; 8 animal complaints; 12 warrants served; 3 thefts; 1 unauthorized use of a motor vehicle; 1 driving while intoxicated; 14 disturbances; 1 public intoxication; 5 suspicious persons; 6 suspicious vehicles; 3 reckless drivers; 8 investigations; 1 possession of marijuana; 2 possession of a controlled substance; and 2 crash investigations. 129 total calls for service, and 11 total arrests.

Municipal Court Report:
For the month of February 2014, 60 citations issued, 77 violations, 6 citation to a minor, 0 citations to a juvenile. Total amount reported $16,539.66 for the Police Department with the City’s portion estimated at 55% or $9,096.81

Upcoming Election Information:
There were 5 completed candidate packets submitted for the General Election, May 9th. Candidates drew for positions on the ballot on March 6th: 1st on the ballot is incumbent Kyle Allen, 2nd on the ballot is Kenny Walker, 3rd on the ballot is Linda Hancock, 4th on the ballot is incumbent Janell Baker, and 5th on the ballot is incumbent George Grace. Early Voting begins April 27th at City Hall and ends May 5th; weekdays only April 28 and May 5th are extended hours – 7am – 7pm other days are 8am – 5 pm Mar 11 – April 24 Dates to apply to receive a ballot by mail.


Items on the agenda receiving approval include:

    1) FY 2013-2014 Audit as presented by Frank Campos.
    2) Consent Agenda items A-F:

        A. Minutes from the Regular Meeting from Jan 20, 2015
        B. Minutes from the Regular Meeting from February 17, 2015
        C. Minutes from the Special Meeting held on February 17th
        D. Financial Statement for the month ending February, 2015
        E. March Accounts Payable – Unpaid bills for February, 2015
        F. Use of the Community Bldg for the Easter Egg Hunt March 28, and for the TACC Job Fair on April 1, 2015.

    3) Renewal of the 1 year term of Judge James Bogue (04/01/2015 – 04/01/2016).
    4) Renew Contract on the mowing contract for the parks, RR row, and other city property currently on contract with Gareth Yoder for $23,860 per year paid monthly $1988.33.
    5) Request Bids for Annual Fire Hydrant Audit.
    6) Name Paula Mullins as interim City Secretary from Mar 18 – June 16, 2015.
    7) Authorize the Mayor to have new Resolution of Authority, Resolutiun 03172015-01, drawn up on each Austin Bank checking account removing Barbara Hunt as an authorized signer and naming Mayor Debra Smith, Paula Mullins, Charlotte Broadway and Mayor Pro Tem Ronnie Wolfe as signatories on the accounts.
    8) Appoint Barbara Wester as Election Judge, Shannon Ramsey as the alternate Judge and Clerk, Susan Miller, Sherry Angelo, and Vernett Richardson, and two others as clerks. Pay them $12-$15 per hour.
    9) Amend the Order of Notice, General Election to be held on May 9, 2015 to elect three City Council Members. Remove Barbara Hunt’s name as Early Voting Clerk and replace with Leslie Leathers.
    10) Placement of a building by Shelby County allowing the placement of a portable building on City of Timpson property adjacent to the Cobb Lumber building for the purpose of a Justice of the Peace Precinct 5 and/or county office. The City would waive rent, but would collect all fees associated with city utilities. The County would hold harmless the City in all respects to property and or liability insurance and understands should the property sell they would have a 60 day notice to relocate the building.
    11) Hire Goodwin Lasiter Strong, at the cost of $9,500-$13,000, to provide services necessary to properly engineer, acquire permits where needed, and request bids to repair the collapse of a section of 6" main sewer line near the intersection of Archie Street and 2nd Street.
    12) Hire Leslie Leathers as a full time City Secretary for Timpson.
    13) Amend the Order of Notice, General Election to be held on May 9, 2015 to elect three City Council Members. Remove Barbara Hunt’s name as Early Voting Clerk and replace with Leslie Leathers.