Legacy of Daniels High: Teachers Week

May 11, 2018 - As we continue to recognize the 50-year anniversary closing of Daniels High, it is time to recognize some of the most fantastic teachers who had classes in the buildings. They, both living and those who have passed on, will always be remembered as ‘favorite’ teachers. Many students of Daniels High can remember certain teachers because they helped them along the way. There are a few students who will opt to forget some of them because they felt they did not put forth a great effort to cooperate with them, and perhaps received a bad grade. Oh well, so is life. Again, accept this invite to read about some of the teacher facts on the early days of the school through the 1960’s in Dr. Charles Tatum’s books, “SHELBY COUNTY: In the East Texas Hills’ published in 1984 and ‘Dew Drops on the Pine Needles’ Volume 1 Education in Shelby County”, published in 2007. There are still a few remaining and you can find them in the Public Libraries. These facts will keep the legacy of the Daniels School alive.