Let's Celebrate Our Graduates!

May 19, 2020 - Each year the month of May is typically filled with Senior celebrations as graduates near the end of their high school or college journey.

A journey filled with countless hours of studying, worrying, stressing, working, pushing yourself beyond what you thought you could do and filled with moments ending with relief, joy of finishing and achieving, winning, and more.

Parents have helped their graduate with encouragement, support, tough love, late night trips for supplies for those last minute projects, countless hours on the road to cheer them on, prayers for help, prayers for safety...

This May, social distancing had made it more difficult to celebrate your senior and their accomplishments. If you have a graduate, whether high school or college, Shelby County Today invites you to send in an accolade recognizing them. All graduates have achieved a great accomplishment whether they are first in their class or the last in their class. Each of their journeys differ and personal achievement cannot always be measured against another. Shelby County Today would be honored to run an article about each and every graduate who has worked hard to earn that diploma by not giving up when they felt defeated and by pushing themselves harder to reached the goals with which they had challenged themselves. Congratulations Class of 2020!

For Shelby County graduates or graduates with a connection to Shelby County, email your graduate's congratulation to sctoday@att.net or info@shelbycountytoday.com. If you need another option for submitting an article, call 936-591-9334 for additional options. Announcements submitted can include a photo, the student's academic and/or sport achievements, community involvement, or just a shout out for making it through. Let's celebrate our Graduates!