Letter from CHS Principal Matthew Gregory Regarding Campus Safety

Dear CHS Parents/Guardians

February 28, 2018 - On Monday, February 26th a concern was brought to the attention of Center High School (CHS) Administration regarding a troubling comment made by a student. Along with the report of this statement, a picture began circulating which further enhanced the report in question. This correspondence is to provide clarity.

Upon learning of the alleged statement, an investigation was launched immediately by CHS administration and the Center ISD police force. Through the interview process, the CHS administration spoke with multiple students who based on the time and location of the statement should have been a witness, and none of them could confirm what was reported. Furthermore, the picture that is associated with this issue was a screenshot taken Jan 12th’ 2018 of a profile picture from an account in a private group chat room associated with the online game. The picture in no way was intended to be associated with CHS or CISD in any way. Our inquiry has revealed this “statement” to be a rumor that has developed as it propagated on social media and text message. The Center ISD police and the CHS administration conducted a home visit to ensure our assessments were valid, and no such threat exists involving CHS.

Furthermore, we have discussed our information with District Attorney Stephen Shires. Based on the information we have collected, a statement as recounted in the rumor did not occur. In addition, Mr. Shires stated that students would be held accountable for their words.

The safety and security of our students and staff are our top priority. When we receive information about potential risks to student and staff safety, the district has and will continue to take immediate action. It is our hope this letter brings you some peace of mind that this particular matter was taken seriously, and we are doing what we can to maintain a safe environment for your kids.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out.