Local Officials Release COVID-19 Update: 112 Active Cases, 78 Recoveries

May 29, 2020 - The Shelby County Emergency Management office reports as of 9am on Friday, May 29, 2020, TxDSHS has reported to them 196 cumulative cases of COVID-19, 78 recoveries, and 6 deaths for a total of 112 active cases.

DSHS also reports of the 196 cumulative cases, 19 of those cases are "lost to follow" which means DSHS has not been able to contact them to follow up on their recovery. 

Breakdown of cumulative cases by zip code and ages: (New cases since last report from May 20)

Cases in each zip code:

Center (75935) - 143 (11 new)
Joaquin (75954) - 8
Shelbyville (75973) - 11
Tenaha (75974) - 19 (1 new)
Timpson (75975) - 15 (1 new)

Ages of Confirmed Cases:

Ages 1 to 20: 11 cases (2 new)
Ages 21 to 40: 60 cases (3 new)
Ages 41 to 60: 72 cases (3 new), 4 death (1 new)
Ages 61 to 80: 36 cases (1 new), 2 death
Ages 81 to 100: 12 cases (4 new)
Age unknown: 5 cases

Editor's Note: Shelby County Today will update the numbers provided by the Shelby County Emergency Management office in a county situation report Monday-Friday providing the number of cases, recoveries, deaths, and zip code/age statistics. All the data reported in the situation report is confirmed data and not estimated. The recoveries reported by the Emergency Management Office are actual recoveries which have been verified. The recoveries and active cases reported on the TxDSHS website are estimated numbers. Shelby County Today will not be posting the DSHS reported number of cases on a daily basis but will once a week report all of the counties cumulative case counts.