Lovell Family Gives Thanks

September 15, 2020 - Thank you very much to all the kind friends who were there for us when we lost our Daddy, Don Lovell. We so greatly appreciate the flowers, beautiful gifts and donations to us and most especially for the cards, letters, visits and prayers. Our hearts are heavy and we feel at a loss, but the love that was shown by so many will remain in our hearts and will carry us on. 

Don Lovell was a proud man and would not have wanted anyone to do anything for him. He spent a lifetime doing for others and wish he was still here to continue to do more. He fought a long, hard battle with so many health issues. We spent many months trying to get the help he needed and visited many doctors and hospitals. He always wanted to continue to fight because he never wanted to leave us. He spent his time farming and hay baling, hunting and fishing....loving the outdoors. As the time drew near he began to see the light at the end of the tunnel....a light we couldn't see. He was going home. Home to be with Jesus and those family and friends gone on before. He would be in a better place. I know he is better now than he was on this Earth but I wanted him to stay here with us. God needed him more. I miss him every day and so appreciated the time I got to spend with him. God got a really good Angel. We love and miss him but know he is where he needs to be.

We have so many to thank but truly are appreciative for UT Tyler Hospital and Hospice of East Texas in Tyler and Nacogdoches and most especially for Garrison Nursing Home and Rehabilitation for their compassion and tireless efforts. All the kindness that has been shown to us we will forever be greatful for. Thank you to so many and may God Bless You in your lives.

The Family of Tony Don Lovell