Martial Arts Students Compete in LA Governor Games

July 21, 2022 - In June 2022 Students from Self Defense America went to Shreveport, LA to compete in the LA Governor Games. The events for this tournament were Forms (pre arranged fight in all directions), Sparring, Chambara (padded sword fighting), Weapon Forms, and Grappling.

(Top left) Cash Tyre got 5th place in Forms, Chambara, Sparring and Grappling. (Bottom left) Dylan Castillo got 1st in Sparring and Chambara, also got 3rd in Grappling and 5th in Forms. (Top right) Ethan Castillo got 3rd in Forms and Sparring and 4th in Chambara. (Bottom right) Mason Sanchez got 3rd in Chambara and 4th in Sparring.

(Left) Eythan Castillo got 3rd in Forms and 5th in Sparring, Chambara and Grappling. (Top middle) Wyatt Foster got 1st in Forms, 2nd in Chambara, and 3rd in Sparring. (Right) Rain Smith got 3rd in Forms, 4th in Chambara and 5th in Sparring and Weapons.

(Top left) Gwen Wagner placed 5th in all. (Top right) Jack Wagner got 1st in Forms, 3 in Grappling, and 5th in Sparring. (Bottom left) Benjamin Wagner won 1st in Forms and Chambara, and 5th in Sparring and Grappling. (Bottom right) Hunter Gibson won 3rd in Forms and Weapons.

We are Proud of these young people for all their hard work, we had a lot of great competition.