Miss Merry Christmas, Mister Happy Holiday's Pageant Winners

December 17, 2019 (Album1) - The Miss Merry Christmas and Mister Happy Holiday's pageant was full of Christmas spirit on Saturday, December 14, 2019 at the Center Middle School. The following contestants won the hearts of the judges:

Mister Happy Holidays - Kylin Moore
Prince - Beckham Wheeler
Most Handsome - Beckham Wheeler
Best Fashion - Kylin Moore
Best Smile - Beckham Wheeler
Best Hair - Kylin Moore
Personality - Beckham Wheeler
People's Choice - Beckham Wheeler

Baby Miss Merry Christmas - Berkleigh Golden
Princesses: Emory Samford, Heavin Martinez, Nikki Youngblood
Most Beautiful - Berkleigh Golden
Best Fashion - Emory Samford
Best Smile - Nikki Youngblood
Best Hair - Heavin Martinez
Personality - Nikki Youngblood
People's Choice - Emory Samford

Tiny Miss Merry Christmas - Kambri Moore
Princesses: Jolie Adams, Maggie Parker, Kira Donahoe
Most Beautiful - Maggie Parker
Best Fashion - Kambri Moore
Best Smile - Jolie Adams
Best Hair - Kira Donahoe
Personality - Kambri Moore
People's Choice - Kira Donahoe and Jolie Resse Adams

Toddler Miss Merry Christmas - Tinley Mouser
Princesses: Brylee Weir
Most Beautiful - Tinley Mouser
Best Fashion - Tinley Mouser
Best Smile - Savanna Barton
Best Hair - Brylee Weir
Personality - Savanna Barton
People's Choice - Bryle Weir, Tinley Mouser, Brylee Weir

Little Miss Merry Christmas - Kimber Lynn Snodgrass
Most Beautiful - Kimber Lynn Snodgrass
Best Fashion - Kimber Lynn Snodgrass
Best Smile - Kimber Lynn Snodgrass
Best Hair - Kimber Lynn Snodgrass
Personality - Kimber Lynn Snodgrass

Petite Miss Merry Christmas - Katelynn Willess
Most Beautiful - Katelynn Willess
Best Fashion - Katelynn Willess
Best Smile - Katelynn Willess
Best Hair - Katelynn Willess
Personality - Katelynn Willess

Teen Miss Merry Christmas - Mahalia Ratcliff
Most Beautiful - Mahalia Ratcliff
Best Fashion - Mahalia Ratcliff
Best Smile - Mahalia Ratcliff
Best Hair - Mahalia Ratcliff
Personality - Mahalia Ratcliff