Nacogdoches Direct Connector Construction Update

June 24, 2020 – A progress/partnering meeting was held in Nacogdoches on Tuesday regarding the Nacogdoches Direct Connector construction project. Those attending included TxDOT engineers, Longview Bridge and Road officials, utility companies, sub-contractor representatives and other stakeholders.

The $86.1 million construction project is progressing well as weather permits and engineers listed several things that have been done in recent days and discussed plans for coming weeks. Recently completed work includes:

  • Concrete placement of Southbound Bridge Deck Span number 5,6 and 7.
  • Continue with Phase 1 earthwork.
  • Continuing relocation of city utilities on the south end of the project.

Environmental issues currently being addressed include:

  • As slopes progress to grade, topsoil and seed are being placed.
  • Address any disturbed waterline placements.
  • Continue general housekeeping such as removing trash/debris stockpiles from project limits.

This project includes construction of new US 59 main lanes that will directly connect to SL 224 just south of SH 7. The project also includes the construction of overpasses at Spradley Street, existing US 59 and Old Lufkin Road, and the construction of frontage roads for SL 224 between SH 7 and BU 59. The project is designed to meet interstate standards. Limits for the project are from SH 7 west on SL 224 to 1.2 miles south of Spradley Street on US 59. Longview Bridge and Road, Longview, is serving as contractor for the project.

At this time traffic is not disrupted on US 59 or SL 224. Motorists are urged to stay alert for trucks and workers entering and exiting near the work zones, obey all traffic control and reduce speed in the area.