National Love Your Library Month, Library Lovers' Day!

February 2, 2022 - February is National Love Your Library Month, and the 14th is not only Valentine's Day, but Library Lovers' Day! This is the perfect time of the year to show your appreciation for your favorite local library and librarians at the Fannie Brown Booth Library (FBBL), in Center, Texas. Throughout the year, Sandra Davis, library director, encourages readers, young and old, to take advantage of the many privileges of using our library. In addition to checking out the latest best sellers, there is an extensive selection of audio books available in many genres to take readers to places they never imagined they could go.

There are many reasons to "Love Your Library" besides going on a literary journey to worlds outside your own. Libraries can offer peace and quiet, a hideaway or study corner separate from the busy stresses in your everyday lives. Most libraries, including FBBL, can offer information and services that aren't available on the internet, including free assistance in finding difficult-to-find information, and borrowing obsolete books that may not be available through internet catalogues and searches. FBBL also offers the use of computers and the internet for those who do not have a home computer. There is also a large selection of DVD movies for the whole family's viewing pleasure. In addition, FBBL has offered different activities throughout the year, including the summer reading programs, youth and children's summer programs, Pre-school Storytime, and afternoon crafting gatherings during the week. Stop in soon and let your local librarians know how much you appreciate them! For more information for programs, classes, and library hours, you may call FBBL at (936)598-5522.

Written by Terri Lacher