New Life Church Hosting Scare Tactics - The Undead (Pd Adv)

November 1, 2017 - Come join New Life Church for an interactive encounter with the Undead. Last chances are Wednesday, November 1st and Thursday, November 2nd at 7pm nightly.

What is Scare Tactics?

Scare Tactics is an annual production by New Life Church in its 7th year. This production includes: live action drama, video scenes, costumes, make-up, lights, sound effects, interaction with the audience and a short gospel message. Each year's production is totally new; new story lines, characters, scenes, etc. Although this is a difficult task it is essential in order to keep the experience new and fresh each year. This presentation is based on a TV show by the same name, in which participants wish to scare friends and family. In our version they are trying to scare others about the importance of our decisions concerning eternity i.e.; Heaven or Hell.

Is Scare Tactics like "Hell House?"

In a word, NO! Scare Tactics is a drama with a complete story, a short gospel message and then ends with a scene depicting the wonders of Heaven for those who have become Christians. The presentation has been compared to Heaven's Gate and Hell's Flames, a production that has garnered national attention. Although some elements are similar, the total experience in every Scare Tactics presentation is unique because Pastor Steve writes a new story each year with the same heart for reaching people with the gospel message as he does for his sermons.

New Life Church is located at 822 Hurst Street, Center, Texas 75935.