Open Wide Your Mouth By Doug Fincher

August 1, 2022“Open wide your mouth and I will fill it….” Psalm 80:11

After watching my backyard birds feed their young these past weeks, I believe David must have been watching birds when he wrote this scripture. God feeds his children like the birds feed theirs. The one who opens the widest gets the worm and the ones that feed the most grow the most.

Birds stop feeding their young when they learn to make it on their own but children of God never outgrow their dependence on the Lord. Our diet might change from the “milk of the Word” to the “meat of the Word” as we grow in grace, but we continue to need our spiritual food.

Some church members are weak and puny while others are strong and healthy…and yet they feed in the same church. The same food is provided to all, so why are some so weak?

It could be that they didn’t “open–wide” their mouths.