Outreach Ministries Office Hours for the Week of May 18th

May 15, 2020 - Shelby County Outreach Ministries will be closing ALL programs for the week of May 18 – May 22 with the exception of the Helping Hands Outreach Center. Helping Hands will be open only on Friday, May 22 from 10-2 in order to help clients. The senior citizens that are currently being served through our senior programs have received extra meals that will cover them through the next 2 weeks. They will also receive calls to confirm that they are safe, and all is going well.

If you are scheduled to receive an emergency food box during this week, please come to the Helping Hands Outreach Center on Friday, May 22nd to receive it between the hours of 10-2. Our lobby is closed to the public. Food Boxes are distributed by Drive-Thru ONLY. Please be prepared to open your trunk of the car and stay in your vehicle. Keep windows rolled up and show ID through the glass. For information, please call us at 936-598-4990.  Thank you.