Pride in What You Have (by Doug Fincher)

June 20, 2016 - “Let the redeemed of the Lord say so..” Psalms 107:2

I was a college sophomore when I bought my first car. It was a black twelve-year old ‘41 Ford. Jones Chevrolet in Center, Texas stored it for me eight months while I paid for it. It cost me $495 and I couldn’t wait to drive it home.
I painted the dash tomato red and put a wheel cover and steering knob on it before driving it to ETBC to show it off. Parking it every day in front of the dining hall assured me that everyone saw it. I was proud of that car!! 
When I was converted to the Lord, I was so proud of the Lord Jesus. I apologized to people I had offended, returned the fifty cents I’d stolen from Barney Bridges’ Café , and showed my new faith to everyone.
Many people don’t show off their cars like they used to. I’ve also noticed that many Christians don’t show the Lord off like they once did.

I wonder why.