Raffle Fundraiser for Whitley Helander

February 12, 2024 - In July of 2022 Whitley was septic and diagnosed with a massive infection in her colon. They did a colon surgery to remove the abscesses but due to the severity of the infection they had to do a colostomy. She spent the next 10 months in the hospital because her immune system was non existent. The infection took over her kidneys as well. After countless antibiotics, blood transfusions, CT scans, abscess removals, blood clots, and everything in between in May of 2023 she started on the road to recovery.

She is now about to undergo immune therapy treatments and have her final surgery to do the colostomy reversal and hernia removal. She will have a 6 week recovery time & hopefully everything will be well again.

We are doing a medical benefit raffle to help with expenses with the drawing being held March 29, 2024.

Tickets will be available with:

  • Whitley in Crosby, Tx or at The Abby Lawson Agency in Spring
  • Susan Snider - 119 San Augustine St., on the Center Square
  • Sandie Helander - Sabine Appraisal District in Hemphill
  • Caleb Helander in Amity, PA
  • Ginger Borders - Farmers State Bank
  • B - at Monarch Studio
  • Patti Helander - Crane Logistics in Houston