Resisting Arrest Defendant has Large Showing of Support

March 19, 2015 - A group of area residents were present at the Shelby County Courthouse on Tuesday, March 17, 2015 to attend a hearing in county court regarding a resisting arrest charge against Nick Rushing.

The charge against Rushing turned out to have not made it on the docket for that day. Rushing was accompanied by Justin Bennett, and Kennis Henderson and they all feel they have been wronged by the Center Police Department.

An attorney representing Rushing, Samuel L. Milledge, II of Houston and a New Black Panther Party member called "Solo" were present to show support for Rushing. Milledge shared some of his concerns about the cases in question and the handling of bonds.

"We have these people that are steadily getting arrested, you're taking their money, bonds are being paid for, expensive bonds, but yet these cases are rightfully being dismissed," said Milledge.

Milledge continued by questioning the reason for case dismissals, "Are they being dismissed after the bond is set and bond is paid and not before, and who's in charge of intake?"

Although the charge is a misdemeanor and would be heard in county court, the group spent a good portion of the day in front of the District Attorneys office. A visit was made to the Center Police Department as well. They later dispersed when no answers could be derived in relation to Rushing's charges.