Rholes Announces Resignation from Office; Grateful to Voters

Gary and Julie RholesMay 18, 2022 - Gary Rholes, Shelby County Attorney, has announced he wiill be resigning from his office July 4, 2022 (Independence Day).

Rholes has been in the position of County Attorney since August 28, 1985, when he was first appointed. He won the election November 1986 during the general election retaining the position. 

The County Judge who was in office when Rholes first took his office was Johnie Johnson. He has served in his capacity as County Attorney during the terms of six County Judges including Johnie Johnson, Glendon Jackson, Floyd "Dock" Watson, John Tomlin, Rick Campbell, and Allison Harbison.

As County Attorney, one of his greatest pleasures has been to collect and distribute toys for the County Attorney Toy Drive during the holidays.

Gary extends his appreciation to the voters for all of their support over the years.