S. W. Carter Award Presented to Parker Chase

June 7, 2018 - The S.W. Carter Award was presented to Parker Chase for the 2017-2018 school year.

This award is established in memory of S. W. Carter, an educator who displayed outstanding qualities of leadership, a marked respect for improving Shelbyville Independent School District and our community and shown a reverence for life.

The following recipient has demonstrated the following qualities:
• Friendliness, sincerity, and a deep concern for others
• A great willingness to work hard towards goals
• A strong sense of making good decisions
• Respect for others
• Personal traits of courage, poise, self-confidence, and leadership

This award was given in memory of Mr. S. W. Carter (07/10/1925 – 04/05/2012.)

Mr. Carter was an educator and an outstanding role-model to all faculty and students he came in contact with throughout his life. His example of integrity, equality and compassion for his fellow-man is one to be followed and desired by the students of today.