SC Sheriff's Department, Constable Precinct 3 Investigations Lead to Arrest of Three

Stolen Ford Explorer recovered by Shelby County Constable Roy Cheatwood.

August 7, 2018 - In joint operations, the Shelby County Sheriff's Department and Constable Precinct 3 have arrested three individuals resulting from an investigation into a burglary of a habitation and a stolen vehicle.

The Shelby County Sheriff's Department received a call from a residence on Childers Street in Joaquin on Sunday morning, August 5, 2018 regarding a stolen white Ford Explorer. In response to the call, Deputies Josh Tipton and Jesse Travis went en-route.

Christopher BurchDuring that time, Constable Precinct 3 Roy Cheatwood, observed an unoccupied white Ford Explorer at the roadside park where U.S. Highway 84 and State Highway 7 intersect in Joaquin. When Constable Cheatwood reported the unoccupied vehicle to the Sheriff's Office, it matched the information of the stolen Explorer.

It was determined the Explorer had been stolen sometime Saturday night from the residence on Childers Street. While Cheatwood was on scene at the roadside park, the owner of the Explorer arrived at the location and confirmed for Constable Cheatwood and Shelby County Sheriff's Lt. Investigator Del Birdwell, the Explorer was his and he had not given permission to anyone for its use.

Dorvel WilliamsAn inventory of the Explorer was taken, it was processed and then returned to the owner. According to Investigator Birdwell, from the time the vehicle was reported stolen until the time the owner laid eyes on his vehicle was less than two hours.

As Constable Cheatwood was en-route to another call at Quick Stop in Haslam early Sunday morning, he witnessed an individual enter a residence on Coulter Street he knew to be unoccupied. After the call he was responding to completed, Cheatwood received a call there were three individuals with a vehicle backed up to the residence on Coulter Street and they had entered the building.

Annie MurrayWhen Constable Cheatwood arrived at the scene, the suspect vehicle was no longer at the house. Cheatwood looked in the front door and then contacted the Shelby County Sheriff's Department as he thought there may still be someone in the house. While awaiting assistance, Cheatwood spoke with an individual who provided a photograph of the vehicle which had been at the house. Cheatwood knew the owner of the vehicle in the photo and he was also able to identify one individual captured in the image.

At that time, Deputies Tipton and Travis arrived at the residence. Cheatwood was able to gain permission from the owner by telephone to enter the building by whatever means necessary and they forced entry into the house. It was apparent upon entry someone had been using the house.

Methamphetamine recovered by Shelby County Sheriff's Investigator Mandy Fears.

The vehicle in question was well-known by the officers involved. It was later spotted, and Constable Cheatwood alerted Deputy Tipton of its location and Tipton made contact with the vehicle at Joaquin Quick Stop. Individuals identified in the photograph were inside the vehicle and were subsequently arrested. A warrant will be issued for the third individual identified in the photo.

It was determined the suspect Cheatwood identified from the house is also a person of interest in the theft of the Explorer. According to Constable Cheatwood, while seeking the location of the third suspect he indicated to Investigator Mandy Fears a residence where the suspect might be found. While at that location, Investigator Fears was given consent to search by the owner. A female at the residence was found to be in possession of 4.23 grams of a substance which field tested to be methamphetamine. She was then taken into custody.

Constable Cheatwood expressed his appreciation to the Shelby County Sheriff's Department, Investigator Birdwell, Deputy Josh Tipton, Deputy Jesse Travis, Investigator Mandy Fears, and the citizens.

"Without their help, we're not law enforcement," said Cheatwood. "We cannot do it without the citizens who led us all into this that's taking place now."

Those individuals arrested at this time as a result of these investigations include, Dorvel Williams, 51, of Joaquin - burglary of a habitation; Christopher Burch, 47, of Mansfield, LA - burglary of a habitation; and Annie Murray, 37, of Joaquin - possession of a controlled substance.

Lt. Investigator Birdwell indicated the female subject from the burglary of a habitation is actively being sought, and in addition to their efforts, Sgt. Armstrong with DeSoto Parish is pursuing leads on the Louisiana side.