Sen. Nichols’ Statement on Impeachment Trial of Attorney General Ken Paxton

September 19, 2023 - Today, Senator Robert Nichols released the following statement regarding the Impeachment Trial of Attorney General Ken Paxton:

"I voted to impeach Attorney General Ken Paxton because of the credible testimony I heard and the many thousands of pages of evidence presented during trial.

The evidence included testimony from many of his top staff, including First Assistant AG Jeff Mateer, Deputy First Assistant AG Ryan Bangert, Deputy AG for Legal Counsel Ryan Vassar, Director of Law Enforcement Texas Ranger David Maxwell, Deputy AG for Criminal Justice Mark Penley, Deputy AG for Civil Litigation Darren McCarty and Deputy AG for Policy and Strategic Initiatives Blake Brickman. I believe these individuals displayed tremendous courage by reporting what they witnessed as violations of law.

Their testimony, combined with the totality of all the other evidence presented by the House Board of Managers, proved to me beyond a reasonable doubt that the Attorney General’s actions violated Texas law and his oath of office.

The oath I swore, to render a true verdict based on the evidence presented, did not leave room for politics or second guessing. I have – and always will – vote for what I believe is right.

Copies of the evidence the court considered, as well as a complete audio-video record of the arguments are available online at”

Senator Nichols was first elected to the Texas Senate in 2006. He represents 18 counties including the greater part of East and South East Texas and Jefferson County.