Shelby County, University Interscholastic League Preparing for 2021-22 Football Season

The Texas University Interscholastic League has announced its seasonal rule changes for the coming year. Among the most notable changes was one addressing on the field misconduct towards game officials. This amendment to Section 1207, Rules, Violations and Penalties, clarifies the authority of the UIL State Executive Committee and District Executive Committee when an assault of a sports official occurs by a student and requires schools to develop a policy for preventing a spectator who commits an assault of a sports official from attending future UIL events. More changes can be found on the UIL website:

County teams began practices on August 2, 2021 by holding conditioning drills. Their first contact practices started on August 7. Shelby county will begin scrimmages on August 12 and the final scrimmages will conclude on August 26 for teams not participating in Week 1 games.

Week 1 non-district football games start on August 26-28. The final regular season games end on November 6. Playoffs will conclude with the State Championship Playoffs held December 15-18.