Shelbyville High School Students to Compete in District 22AA Academic UIL Spring Meet

March 6, 2020 - High school students in Shelbyville ISD will compete for top honors during the 2020 District 22AA UIL Academic Spring Meet to be held on March 25th at SFASU. The UIL Academic District Meets bring students together to compete in over 23 college level academic contests that cover every aspect of classroom curriculum.

These students meet rigorous scholastic requirements in order to voluntarily compete in UIL academics. Contestants compete for individual honors while schools compete for the district championship. Individual winners have an opportunity to advance to the regional competition and the state meet in Austin. No other program in the nation challenges students with the same rigor as UIL Academics.  

Competing from Shelbyville:

Accounting: Randall Bailey, Naquila Barnes, Jakaila Swindle, Dana Valencia
Calculator Applications: Tiesha Allen, Tayuna Allen, Jacob Lang, Kathy Luna, Logan Williams
Computer Applications: Chassity Davis, Shiloh Amburn, Kate Lawson, Myla Wagstaff
Computer Science: Randall Bailey, Naomi Caporali, Kathy Luna
Copy Editing: Azsahlia Cartwright, Jaelyn Crawford, Molly Windham, Mallory Permenter
Current Issues & Events: Dawson Jackson, Tyler Merriman, Hagan Crumpton, Bryce Waller
Editorial Writing: Emily Nicosia, Molly Windham, Ashley Harkness
Feature Writing: Ashley Harkness, Autumn Hubble, Molly Windham
Headline Writing: Ashley Harkness, Emily Nicosia, Molly Windham
Informative Speaking: Naomi Caporali, Dawson Jackson, Ava Silva
Lincoln- Douglas Debate: Hagan Crumpton, Naomi Caporali, Dawson Jackson
Literary Criticism: Emily Nicosia, Mallory Permenter, Jimmy Jimenez, Ashley Harkness, Molly Windham
Mathematics:  Naquila Barnes, Jimmy Jimenez, Trey Smith, Levi Dramberger, Malachi McArthur
News Writing: Ashley Harkness, Molly Windham, Azsahlia Cartwritght
Number Sense: Trey Smith, Abby Shofner, Naomi Caporali, Kiana Bennett, Naquila Barnes
Persuasive Speaking:  Hagan Crumpton, Aubree Camp, Jeremiah Davis
Poetry Interpretation: TyKevia Blount, Kara Jones, Ava Silva
Prose Interpretation: Eli Taylor, Aubree Camp, Ma’Kayja Horton
Ready Writing: Emily Nicosia, Molly Windham, Azsahlia Cartwright
Science: Emily Nicosia, Levi Dramberger, Tanya Santana, Eli Taylor, Julie Cogswell, Claire Yu, Kayla White
Social Studies: Julie Cogswell, Jakaila Swindle, Austin Vaughn
Spelling & Vocabulary: Jaelyn Crawford, Jimmy Jimenez, Mallory Permenter, Logan WIlliams

High School Academic UIL coaches:  Michelle Pena (Spelling & Vocabulary), Cole Harrison (Number Sense), Crystal Harrison (Mathematics, Calculator Applications), Brooke Harrison (Science), Mario Osby (Computer Applications), Sonya Parker (Social Studies), Emily Sowell (Informative Speaking, Persuasive Speaking, Lincoln-Douglas Debate, Cross Examination Team Debate, Current Issues & Events), Megan Holt (Computer Science, Accounting), Dominique Roland (Literary Criticism), Jeane Taylor (Poetry Interpretation, Prose Interpretation) and Claire Windham (One Act Play, Editorial Writing, Headline Writing, Feature Writing, News Writing, Ready Writing, Copy Editing)

Shelbyville High School's One Act Play Advances to Bi-District
Shelbyville High School’s One Act Play competed at Panola College in district competition on March 5th.  Receiving individual recognition: Molly Windham – Best Performer, Dawson Windham – Best Performer, Caleb Ridgeway – All Star Cast, Ethan Shofner – Honor Crew. The show advanced to bi-district competition that will be held at Panola College on March 26th.  Participating in One Act Play:  Dawson Jackson, Molly Windham, Ava Silva, Gracie Leach, Emily Nicosia, Ashley Harkness, Jaelyn Crawford, Sam Pless, Clay Dean, Brenda Bautista, Eli Taylor, Dawson Windham, Mallory Permenter, Jimmy Jimenez, Kara Jones, Kendall Murry, Caleb Ridgeway, Logan Williams, Julian Wood, Autumn Hubble, Ethan Shofner, Tijah Jackson, Andrew Stamps, Ethan Wood, Delaney Dunn, Ramiro Reyes.  Claire Windham is the One Act Play director.