Shelbyville ISD Service Awards for 2021-2022

June 6, 2022 - Shelbyville ISD presents service awards for 2021-2022 to teachers and staff.

30 Years - Patti Vaughn (Not pictured)

Retirees: Cheryl Alexander, Terry Parker, Kathy Marshall, Kelly McDaniel, Beth Harrington, Patti Hendricks, Gladys O'Rear

5 Years - Megan Holt, Sharon McCowin, Bailee Rash, and Keith Devers

10 Years - Holly Amburn, Walter Cartwright, Dyan Gardner, Crystal Harrison, and Nekeshia Swindle

15 Years - Clinton Dean, Mario Osby, and Marc Raines

20 Years - Debbie Gilchrist and Teresa Johnson

25 Years - Jennifer Leach, Angela West, and Dr. West

35 Years - Rose Jones