Sheriff's Deputy has Close Call While Directing Rodeo Traffic

June 10, 2015 - Following the Shelby County Sheriff's Posse Rodeo held on Friday, June 5, 2015 Shelby County Sheriff's Officers were directing traffic from the event just before 11pm when an officer was almost struck by a vehicle .

Toward the end of their task with few cars remaining, Deputy Bradley Horton was almost struck by a silver Oldsmobile Alero which was traveling east on State Highway 7 as he was attempting to allow traffic to flow from the rodeo. When the vehicle passed by, Deputy Horton convinced the driver to bring his vehicle to a stop just outside the entrance to the Shelby County Expo.

Deputies Adam Renfro and Michael Griffin quickly responded to the aid of Deputy Horton and during an investigation it was determined the driver Julio Cuellar, 59, of Center was intoxicated. During an inventory of the vehicle several large cans of beer were located inside.

Cuellar was arrested, charged with public intoxication and transported by Deputy Renfro to the Shelby County Jail.